When Can God Exactly Punish Us

When Can God Exactly Punish Us?


This extract has been taken from the book "Evolution of God" by Ajay Kansal.


We all sin sometimes or the other in our lifetime. We also believe that God will punish us for our wrongdoing. 

Mr. Kansal has imagined God using present-day technology to keep track of every sin committed by humans and the enormity of the task he has to do before punishing any individual.

The whole idea is hilarious and worth sharing.


The theory of sins and good deeds provides a strong foundation for religion. Almost all religions have propagated more or less similar convictions about sin.

When and why did the theory develop? Did God himself descend from the heavens to teach man an acute sense of ethics and morals?

Why did sins invite the scourge of Gods and why did the benevolent acts of humanity please him? What were the events that led to the establishment of this theory?

Let us go back to the beginning of social life.

It must have happened so. To maintain law and order, priests and kings made social rules themselves and declared them to be the divine word. They proclaimed that the non-observance of the rule provoked divine anger. God punished sinners through various human miseries.


Soon, the theory of sin attracted many sceptic philosophers to oppose this theory. If God would have punished a sinner then and there, then this belief would have been strengthened. But this was not so. People began complaining that many sinners lived comfortable lives without being punished. On the other hand, many saints who follow all morals suffered from diseases.

After facing such practical problems, contemporary priests began to search for an explanation. According to the new theory propagated, good people suffered due to the sins of their previous births. The present-day sinners will get punishment in their next birth. It was also believed that all human suffering like diseases, inequality, and exploitation was the result of sins committed in the previous births. This theory found great popularity and continues even today. This theory was preached by Lord Budha. He taught that following a morally fulfilling life would lead to a happy prosperous, and healthy rebirth.


Why do Gods wait for the next birth to convict his self-created puppets (men)? Ideally, their acts must be followed by divine punishments or rewards immediately. Practically this does not happen. Had God punished the sinners in their present birth, it would have been justified. Not only would it ensure justice, but it would also have eliminated all crimes on earth and removed the necessity for policemen and guns. Hindus believe that each animal suffers punishment for sins committed during its seven previous births.


The author has made an interesting calculation. Let us take an hour as a standard unit of crime ( that means it takes at least one hour to commit a crime ). Thus God would need to record each hour in an individual's lifespan.

Let's imagine how God may keep his records today. In the 21st century, his record-keeping would include videography. To record the activities of each person, one video camera would follow him regularly. Video films of 3 hours require about 1 gigabyte (GB) of computer space. The activity of one day of each person would take 8 GB space to record. Therefore, the sum of the video footage of 7 lifetimes would require 8*365(no of days in a year)*60(years of average life)*7(births) GB of space. This figure exceeds a million. Thus a million GB of space is needed to store the life of an individual.

The hard disc of the common computer stores around 500 GB. Therefore for each soul, God would maintain a huge computer with 2000 disks. God would maintain 1 office to keep one such computer. God's compound would need 1 billion such offices for Hindus only.

Now, what about the other animals. Though collecting data about them seems humanly impossible, it can be presumed that almighty God would manage. He may use group videography.

God would face another difficulty while keeping the record of unseen bacteria and viruses. Firstly they are infinite in number, secondly, he would require microscopic videography to record them.

However, God can forgive them, since these bacteria and viruses help him to punish the non- believers and sinners by causing diseases.

Just by storing the data, God cannot do justice. For injustice, the sinners must be punished, and saints must be rewarded. God would face the real challenge of law enforcement. God has to appoint many juries to watch recorded videos. One officer would take around 420 years (expected life 60 years*7 births) to watch the videos of seven births of one soul. To get the work done quickly, say in 1 year, God would require 420 such persons.

Today, if God wishes to punish someone in 1 year, he would require 420 officers for that person only. Thus to punish the whole population, God would need a huge staff (around 420 times the number of people alive. As per the Hindu religion, God has appointed one officer named Chitragupta for this job. Chitragupta seems to be an efficient guy.

God would also have to ensure the honesty of his executives. How could he create such a large number of honest just loving and truthful staff? If God made his officers from the same soil he created the 1st male and female. If they start sinning, God would have to monitor his officers as well. Imagine if people from all religions are to be monitored, the punishment of man seems to be God's punishment as well.


Again it is the physical body that commits the sins, not the soul. The soul is considered pure. The soul of a person becomes free after the death of a person and takes birth in a second body. So God punishes the second body for the sins committed by the 1st body. Is this a just act of God? Well, God can do anything he likes. It is really beyond our imagination.


Comparing God to Mr. Ford the Car maker:


Ford made millions of vehicles in the last 100 years. Similarly, God made billions of men. Furthermore, the company produced all its cars, whereas God created only the 1st man and woman. So Ford is doing a bigger job.

Imagine what would happen if Mr. Ford the creator of the cars begins to expect some worship similar to God. Imagine an image of Ford mounted above the mirror. The driver would also ignite an incense stick and sing a flattering song with folded hands invoking Mr. Ford.

Each car company rectifies the defect of the previous car in the subsequent model. Similarly, God must rectify the defects. Diseases are the major manufacturing defects in the products of God. Though mankind has discovered remedies for many diseases, it is facing new diseases and their number has increased manifold. So is God bothered by this defect of mankind?

Of course, God is supreme. He can do and undo anything with the wink of an eye. 

N.B – The pictures have been taken from Google and the copyright is with the owner,


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