Stay Busy After Retirement

All of us have to retire from the job or active work life some day or the other. We suddenly find that we have nothing much to do and spend the major part of the day watching TV or poking our nose in household chores. younger members have no time to listen to us. We gradually feel that we are becoming unnecessary or nobody actually wants us. Is this not a common scenario. Now how to make this 2nd innings more interesting and fulfilling. Here are a few suggestions.

Write your memoirs - This could be in the form of letters to your living relatives, or journal entries every day. Recording your past experiences and adventures, experiences and learnings from job life, writing and translating books will allow you to share these moments with loved ones and relay life lessons to others.

Read your way through a book list. Maybe you have an ongoing list of books you’ve been keeping all these years for when you have the time to delve into them. Head to your local library or order them online. Books on tape, or audiobooks, are also a good option if you prefer resting your eyes and listening to a good book read by a professional actor or voice artist.

Looking for a reason to get out of the house to learn a new language,  sign up for a language class where you do in person activities and practice sessions to improve your conversation skill.

Join a club. Look for clubs that may appeal to your interests or hobbies, such as a bridge club, a senior women's or men's recreational club, a golf club, or a church club. Check the club listings online in your area or the postings on the community board at your local coffee shop or grocery store.

You can also attempt to learn a completely new skill and use your free time to explore a skill you’ve always wanted to try.

Cook your way through a cookbook. If you have never been confident in the kitchen or are looking for ways to expand your recipe repertoire, Once you feel you have mastered a recipe, use your friends or family as guinea pigs and invite them over for a big meal, or have a potluck where everyone cooks something.

Construct your family tree. If no one in your family has put together a family tree or a record of your family’s ancestry, use your retirement time to do this. Conduct research and contact immediate and distant family members to put together a comprehensive tree of all of your family’s connection.


Go on a road trip. If you have access to a car or an RV and enjoy a long drive, map out a route around your city or area. Or choose a destination on the map close to your home and look for a scenic route or a route with natural wonders or manmade oddities.

Spend time with family. One of the best ways to use your free time is to spend quality time with your relatives, from grandchildren to your children to brothers and sisters. If you are close to your family, arrange weekly play dates with your grandchildren to give your week structure. Go to cultural events, like the opera or the ballet, or spend time camping and going on trips with them.

Be a mentor. Sign up for mentorship opportunities through your local community center, whether it’s working with children as a Big Brother or Big Sister.

Volunteer at a local organization. Focus on local organizations that you would like to assist or be a part of. Contact them by calling or emailing them and tell them what you would like to do to help. Many nonprofit and government organizations are constantly looking for volunteers to donate their time and energy towards a specific cause.

Think about a career or job you have always wanted to pursue. This could be home decorating, starting your own business, or even freelance writing. Focusing on a new, less stressful career will fill up your time and give you a renewed sense of purpose in your retired life.

Do part-time work. There are many solid part-time job options for retired folk, from limo driver to tax preparation to tutor to nursery worker. Look for seasonal jobs that put you in a new or interesting environment, such as working outside as a national park ranger or as a care worker in a care facility.

Do not forget you have retired from your job, not from your life! Make good use of your time. Indeed, life after retirement is one when you realize that you never get a day off; you are always busy doing things you love!

And finally, before you know it you will be retiring with no plan and face huge challenges. Instead, I would suggest you to plan from today so that you have time on your side to plan and design your retirement, which will fulfill your dreams and aspirations and enable you to enjoy your life after retirement.

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