What Skills Will Land You A Job In 2018?


This is a message to all educational institutions, Govt. in power and Opposition who want the youth vote. As the job market is changing and making some jobs redundant, we need to create educational and technical institutes to redesign new courses to suit the present demand.

Here are a few tips for youth to make them aware of future job requirements.

Tell a data story – Whether you are in operations, sales, finance or technology, your contributions are enhanced or depleted depending on your data skills. As your employer produces tons of data, it expects you to extract, verify and sort it and then interpret it to tell a story to present ideas or monitor outcomes. The interplay of transmitted data and its spiraling growth is steadily affecting the world economy. Global businesses are disrupting age-old models to build products and services that can predict and preempt value.


  1. Transform ideas into a product – Product design is how ideas are converted into products that a business sells profitably. You create immense value through a solution approach to challenging problems, combining your understanding of customer needs, the business model, and costs, your logic and intuition. For this, the Management should encourage employees to use data generated within their own industry and outside, present it with a visual graph and help the management to discover more efficient output.


  1. Money Matters Where survival is at stake, a company needs answers that reduce costs while increasing outcomes. It needs you to be acutely aware of costs and revenue. Look around, ask questions and learn about variable costs and fixed costs of your company. Think and speak in terms of time and money in each process.
  2. Embrace the art of sellingThink as if you are a born sales person. You sold your CV to get the current job. You know what works best and keep improving your sales skills. Your aim should be to work out the best possible deal and maximize productivity.
  3. Technology-driven market - This coming year will see tech hiring increasing across nontech companies. What skill you have will help you have multiple avenues for growth if you are willing to work and learn relevant skills as per requirement.
  4. Changing value of skills – Every industry has been impacted by automation, data proliferation and changing products in a competitive market. New skills will be required while others will become redundant. New job requirements will come up that don’t exist today. Your employer would like you to adopt new ways of working and learn skills to maximize your contribution.
  5. Workplace flexibility You will have flexibility as to how you work. Work from home, lesser intercity travel, and creative retention policies like feel free to negotiate on your quality of life. If you have an extended lunchtime to pick up your child from school, discuss and have alternative working hours or a pro rata salary cut. But deliver the responsibility given.

Send your comments, likes if you appreciate the points. Hope it helps to throw some light in the employment sector.



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