Come September - A Poem



"Come September."

The Monsoon has started retreating, leaving behind tales of flood and drought to remember.

A long drive over the brimming river bridge alongside washed avenue trees to go on and on forever.

The earth will take a brownish golden hue as a woman in her ripe youth,

A tree laden with ripe fruits matured yet disarmingly beautiful.

Oh! September, I look forward to meeting you for a better reason,

You are my birth month, and every happening on my special day is etched in my memory.

Receiving a pouch of chocolates from The Mother at Pondy,

Oh! How I showed it off in front of my buddy.

Papa’s bold underlining of this month and my birthday in the Panjika.

Mother's morning blessings with a thali full of sweetmeats.

Oh! September, your arrival is awaited each year.

You bring respite, colour, and gaiety in our lives, my dear.

                                                                                                     Priya Bharati

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