How To Negotiate Job Offer & Salary


All negotiation for a job does not necessarily take place at the table. It may have started before and may continue afterward even after the interview is over.

Try to know about them before going into the room, during negotiation across the table and afterward.

In order to negotiate for a job with what you want like better money, better offer or deal, these are some of the points which will help you.

They need to like you. That is things that you do or say should appeal to them to like you. But only this is not enough.

They have to believe you deserve it. It is not sufficient that you think that you deserve the job.

Don’t ask for something without justifying why you deserve it?

They need to justify their decision regarding what they agree with you internally. How can I make a compelling case that what you ask is justified?

You need to value the whole deal. You can be flexible on individual parts like what currency they pay you, salary, bonus, city you are posted to if the deal as a whole is good. More ways you give them to pay you. Give them a flexibility in negotiation  - that is if not today then maybe sometimes later or maybe after you join. Give them that option.

They also need to believe that they will get you. You are asking them to go out of the way to accommodate you and then say thank you but no thank you.

At the same time don’t give the impression that you are too keen for the job. This may dilute negotiation process.

Don’t negotiate just for negotiation sake. Don’t fight and haggle for little things but if it is justifiable then do it by all means. But unnecessarily don’t fight, fight & fight for like that. It leaves behind negative consequences.

We think that negotiations are convincing, influencing and taking them in the way you want it. But nothing is more important than understanding what do they like? What do they want? What are their constraints? Collect all information.

Negotiate multiple issues/interests simultaneously. You get an offer and there are 4 to 5 points which you want to be changed. Now don’t say one more thing, then one more thing. That is annoying.  Also, prioritize which ones you would like to change the most. This helps better negotiation. They may pick the easier ones and would not like to budge.

What is not negotiable today may be negotiable tomorrow. Maybe they cannot give it to you right now but maybe 6 months or a year hence, they can give that to you. You can impress them with your skill or work. If they realize your potential they will yield to your previous demand.


What may not be negotiable on day 1 may be negotiable after a month. When the recruiters say no, it is in the present scenario. You may ask them,”Can you help me understand what situation you can’t? Can they give you some time to decide?

Stay on the table. Stay in touch. Stay engaged. Maybe what they could not give you while negotiating they may give in later or after you join. They may give you after some time after you join. But make sure what they say is concrete and they honor it.

During the negotiation process, there are some points which we don’t want the recruiter to ask. We want to avoid them. But instead, prepare an answer for them or what is the best way to answer. This is because invariably they ask the thing that you don’t want them to ask. Talk to your friend. How should I answer this question?

Once someone asked Mike Tyson, “How do you manage to be so successful/ How do you manage? Your opponent prepares a plan to face you seeing your previous fights. They come with a game plan to succeed, still then you succeed?” Mike replied, “Everybody has a plan till they are punched in the face.”

This is also true for negotiation. You have planned how you will respond to the questions but they ask you a question which is like a punch in the face.

Try to figure out their intent. Why are they asking this? Maybe they have a deadline.

Avoid ignore, downplay ultimatums of any kind in both the directions during negotiation. People don’t like the ultimatum. Sometimes we put our words which sound like an ultimatum, sometimes it leads to no deal or loss of face. Avoid giving ultimatum in the heat of the moment. It's possible that many a time it leads to no deal. To admit it and changing it is difficult.

If you cannot understand something they said then request them to clarify. You may answer something which they didn't ask always clarify.

Sometimes a straight yes or no is difficult.

Story from Star track – Hero is caught in by the aliens in an alien planet and taken in front of their king in a kangaroo court. The king asks you a question you that if you don’t say yes you will be beheaded.

Then he asks, you are you guilty? How will you respond? You can say I am guilty but because of this reason. Similarly, if you are struck up whether to say yes or no. You can use the same tactics.

If they are not moving in the direction you want them, don’t think that they don’t like you. There personality or style may seem that they don’t like you. Companies don’t negotiate. People negotiate. If they are not responsive and moving in the line you want, maybe they are bogged down with some other issues. The HR person may have a different style than the technical head. If the HR person does not appreciate it should not be as bad for you as much as if your technical head or boss does not get impressed. Don’t judge any company by what one person says to you.

Don’t rush with a job offer. Don’t rush through negotiation.

Resist even to tell a small lie. Don’t get into a habit of telling a lie to get a deal or more money. But its important.

When you are negotiating. They are going to do 2 things. Whether to give you or not to give you. And they will be rating you on a scale of 1 to 10. Try to get 11. They should want you more than they had before talking to you. Negotiate with due understanding, openly, honestly with due give and take.

Everything becomes less important than what is more important to you is what job you take? Does it suit your temperament and you enjoy doing it.  Many people, in the long run, do not enjoy the job they are doing. First step matters. So take a correct step so that you follow your other steps and you don’t repent.

You may miss the boat, Stay at the table, talk to them in between, make sure that you are interested but don’t push them. Take your time. Don’t feel compelled to answer there and then unless of course the negotiator’s want an answer there and then.

You never want to end a negotiation in no. It should either be yes or you should know the explanation why not? If I get a no, I should know the reason for why not.

Should I tell them about the better offer that I have?

Don’t throw it at their face, you may give it as an information.

You can use all justifications to make your case compelling to get what you are asking for.

Maybe they are undervaluing you because they do not know what you can do. You can educate them about it.

Make sure what they have offered to give you in future is concrete, in writing so that even the person who has promised has left, they would still honor it.


What you do during the process of salary negotiation will have a major impact on your income, lifestyle and future.

These are certain points which will help you achieve the best deal.


Should know the salary range is for this position. You should have done your homework beforehand. Talk to people in that position or rank. Never go there blind not knowing about it.


Always ask for time to think it over when you get the job offer or salary offer even if you want it badly.

Have a 24-hour rule to get back. This always helps to think it over and negotiate better.

When an employer offers you a salary, he has a salary range in mind. It is usually 20% above and 20% below the average amount paid for that position. E.g. if the position pays $2000 , the employer will bargain with you  20% below and 20% above($1600 - $2400). The employer would make every effort to hire you at the lowest possible amount that you accept$1600. Your job is to aim for the maximum amount the employer will be prepared to pay.

This is how you should go about it. If an employer offers you a salary of say $2000, you should ask for an amount that is 110% to 130% of that amount. This is called bracketing. You should suggest it to be between $2200 to $2600. This is called bracketing.

You raise the offer in the employer's mind. Surprisingly the employer settles midway between the two figure proposed.

Sometimes you get a lower salary than you expected. You should ask your boss how the increase is possible and keep it in writing in his or her level of acceptance to you.


Not doing adequate salary research.

Bad timing – Asking about the salary or money talk –Bringing up money issue right away even before getting a leverage or the company wanting you or too late.

Give up too early too much. You fear losing everything, so you give up too early. You get too little.


Not seeing the whole package – Sometimes it is more than just about the money. Benefits, bonus structure, stock options, number of holidays. There could be lot more than you realize.

Not acting and looking like a professional – Look and act the part of the professional or else they lose respect for you. Handle like a professional or they lose respect.

So dear friends, Let me know if some of these points help you in future job and salary negotiation.




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